During the overall Spring Festival holiday period known as ‘chunyun’, the transportation sector in China ramps up to maximum capacity to manage 40 days of heavy demand. It started on February 4 and will run until March 16 to allow many millions of people to make it home and spend their only yearly holiday with their family before returning back to urban centers where they work during the rest of the year.

This annual travel rush may be the largest recurrent human migration in the world. During the travel peak last year, Chinese passengers made more than 3.6 billion trips. Among them, about 3.3 billion were made by road, 266 million by rail, 44 million by air, 42 million by ship and a few ….. on foot.

Indeed, freezing rain and fog recently shut down Leigong Mountain’s highway in Guizhou province’s Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture ahead of China’s biggest annual celebration. The closure forced people returning to Yongle county and Datang village to hike 20 kilometers on the slick road. Some hauled luggage and festival foods – even a live pig dangling from a bamboo yoke. The trek took about five hours but they all made it home!



Photos by Chen Peiliang for China Daily

 This year, more than one million trips were made via 12,500 airline flights on February 4, while the China Railway Corp, operator of the country’s trains, said it handled 6 million trips on the same day and they expect about 289 million trips will be made this year, 26 million more than last year.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China forecast that more than 47 million trips will be made by air this year, and it has arranged for Chinese airlines to add 8,740 domestic flights and 3,052 international flights to deal with the passenger surge.


2 thoughts on “2015 SPRING FESTIVAL: ON THE WAY HOME

  1. I enjoy reading this article about the importance of “Chunyun” what we normally term as Chinese New Year which falls on the 1st day of the 1st moon annually. I am indeed shocked to read that about 3.6 billion trips are made by the Chinese in China just to be with their respective families as a result of the filial piety of the Chinese people.

  2. Draha Maja,dakujem Ti za tuto krasnu spravu, teda obrazok zo sucasnej Ciny. Vsetko je to o laske k bliznemu a o  ochote priniest obet, len aby sme sa stretli, dotkli jeden druheho. Citim, ze si zdrava, plna zaujmu o zivot okolo seba a posilnovania kontaktov s nami tu doma. Tvoje narodeniny si oslavila tam, v spomienke na mamicku. Ake to bolo vzdy mile, moct Vas navstivit na Strkovci posediet si pri dobrom caji a vybornych oblozenych chlebickoch…vsetko je uz minulost, aj tie chlebicky, ze? Majuska napis mi ako zijes. Jaro sa ma zase ako predtym, teda funguje. Zotavuje sa kazdym dnom. Jeho vek 82 treba akceptovat. Povahu mu to peklo, ktorym presiel moc nezmenilo. Staram sa o jeho sestru, ktoru sme museli umiestnit v dome seniorov. Janka a Borko sa tiez staraju. Tak mame dni preplnene terminmi. Zivot mi ulahcuje mala Fabia, ktoru kupil Borko, aby som si niekde nepolamala nohy.. Prajem Ti mila Maja duchovne krikla, ktore nam davaju pocit slobody a moznost obsiahnut svet, pochopit ho a poynat skutocnu cenu zivota. Je to spojene aj so zdravim, ktore tuto slobodu potrebuje. Tesim sa na Teba, ked raz zase prides domov. Tvoja Nana

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