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Born in Slovakia, my zoological studies and research at Oxford University and my link to the family of the 14th Duke of Bedford enabled me to become the Head of a reintroduction project that took place in China in the early 1980’s. Under the direct supervision of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Beijing Science and Technology Commission, it concerned the Milu Deer, an indigenous species from China extinct in the country since the late 19th century. I came to China for this purpose in 1984 initially as a Foreign Expert. Working with scientists and officials, the successful conclusion of this project saw the return to China of the Milu at Nan Haizi, the former imperial hunting ground south of Beijing, in 1985 and then the selection of Shishou along the Yangtze River in Hubei Province as a Milu Nature Reserve that opened in 1992. Following the successful reintroduction, I kept a strong interest in the conservation and sustainability fields in China and maintained close contact with the Milu Ecological Research Center and the China Biodiversity Conservation Foundation. I also worked on ecotourism and conservation issues for a recent Master Plan (2011-2026) for the Hubei Shishou Milu National Nature Reserve. In 1995 I opened a boutique PR and event management company and since then worked extensively on country and region branding for clients including Nepal, Slovakia, Austria, the Tuscany Region in Italy and the Capital City of Vienna (Austria). For more information on our scope of activities, please refer to http://www.bnbint.com.


Dominic Bauquis

Dominic Bauquis

A food-and-beverage professional by education, training and early professional experience, I am a French national with 25 years of business experience in Asia.  I have had assignments in Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan prior to coming to PR China in 1994. Co-founder of a niche PR and corporate events company, I regularly share my experiences in China and my passion for fine food and great wines with readers of Chinese and international lifestyle magazines. For more information on our scope of company activities, please refer to http://www.bnbint.com.


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