Memory Lane


Maria Boyd began this blog in 2014 as a platform on which to record and share her memorable experiences during her 31 years in China. It is with deepest sorrow that her first hand reflections will not be coming forth anymore, as Maria lost a long and dignified battle with illness in mid-September 2016. Mercifully, her last few days were peaceful and painless.

Although Maria is now in a better place, her friends and colleagues will continue to relive golden moments of how she played such an impressionable role in their lives. For this, we will begin a new category of posts entitled “Memory Lane” dedicated to memories of Maria.

As readers of this blog will know, she was instrumental in making the return of the Milu to China a success 31 years ago. I remain astonished at how tirelessly Maria continued to work on various Milu-related projects on top of our own business activities.

Be it the Master Plan for the Hubei Shishou National Nature Reserve or preparation for the 2015 Milu Symposium, she kept the Milu at the forefront of her life over the past three decades. The long-term success of the Milu in China vividly testifies to her determination and dedication to the reintroduction.

Maria remained in China till the end as it had become ‘her’ country and as, in many ways, she was more Chinese than many Chinese people.

The American writer Albert Pike once wrote that “what we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; but what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

In the same way, Maria will always be remembered for what she did for the Milu reintroduction and the influence she had on many of us.

It is this great legacy of hers that we continue to celebrate on this blog.


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